Capital and Facilities Projects


The Province provides funding for school capital projects and the Division is wholly dependent on provincial approvals to address its facility needs.

The Division has been fortunate in the last few years with modernizations and new construction projects in Ashmont, Two Hills, St. Paul and Elk Point. The Division is in relatively good shape with respect to facilities and student capacity.


Current Projects

A new 900 student K-12 replacement school was opened in Ashmont in September 2018.  The subsequent insolvency of the general contractor delayed the final exterior site work and the Division has been “grant funded” to arrange for completion of this outstanding work. The expected completion date for this exterior work is September 2021.  


Capital Priorities

Capital priorities for future projects include a replacement School in Mallaig and Elk Point and a modernization for the Myrnam School.

A value management study outlining options for Ecole Mallaig School was released in the fall of 2018. A geotechnical site assessment and hazardous building materials assessment have also  been completed, funded by planning dollars from the Government of Alberta. The proposed Mallaig project is in a strong position to get started if approval were granted.


Infrastructure Maintenance Renewal(IMR)/Capital Maintenance Renewal (CMR)

Prior to the 2019/20 school year, the Division received an annual IMR allocation. The 2019/20 school year saw the introduction of CMR funding that was initially described as stimulus funding to support local economies due the impacts of COVID19.

Our 2021/22 funding now has our annual allocation split between IMR and CMR. The CMR portion is to be directed to projects that are larger in scale and are to be capitalized while the IMR would be relevant for smaller projects or those that would normally not be capitalized. The split is approximately 48%/52% IMR/CMR.