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Talking to Children about Ukraine (new)
School-Based Mental Health Supports

Family School Liaison Worker Program

Family School Liaison Workers are available to:

  • Enhance the development of the educational, social and emotional experiences of students

  • Provide supportive informal individual counselling support to students 

  • Provide crisis intervention support to students

  • Liaise with families, school staff, and community agencies

Together We’re Better Program

Success Coaches are available to:

  • Facilitate mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention through universal and targeted programming

  • Make internal referral to other school based supports (e.g. FSLW’s) and external referrals to community supports as required

  • Work to reduce the stigma of mental illness by raising awareness and reducing barriers to service

  • Coordinate integrated services with community partners

  • Participate in provincial Mental Health Capacity Building initiative activities

Promoting Positive Mental Health and Wellness in Children and Youth

Social-Emotional Activities to Try At Home (for children) - Youth Mental Health Resource Hub (for adolescents)

Your Child's Mental Health

Community Education Services Free Webinars for Families

Action for Happiness Monthly Calendars


Self-Care for Parents and Caregivers

Parents Take Care of Yourselves

Get Help Now

Important Phone Numbers and Websites

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