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Amanda Amyotte Honored with Excellence in Catholic Teaching Award

Congratulations to Amanda Amyotte on receiving the Excellence in Catholic Education Award! This award recognizes Catholic teachers in Alberta who have done an exemplary job in preparing our youth to grow into outstanding Catholic citizens.

Amanda is a married mother of 5 children and a very active member of the Mallaig community. In addition to being a very busy mom and teacher in a rural school, she is on a number of boards. Amanda can often be found volunteering for community events and parish life. Amanda instills her Catholic faith, values and morals within her children as she encourages them to participate in altar service, choir and receive the sacraments. The children in the parish benefit from her experience as she has also been a leader for Sunday school for several years. Inspired by these experiences, she eagerly awaits the Growing in Faith to continue to develop her understanding of the teachings of the Catholic Church and pass the faith on to her students.

As a dedicated ECS teacher at the Ecole Mallaig School, she strives to attend to the overall development of her students. She recognizes the dignity of each and every child, sets individual goals and strives to help the students to reach them through various contexts. As a lifelong learner, Amanda is always seeking innovative ways to address the needs of all of her students. She works closely with our occupational therapist and other service providers to implement suggested recommendations. Amanda’s students leave her class with a strong skill set, prepared for the first grade. She openly communicates with her parents to ensure that they are an active member of their child’s education. Parents are very satisfied with the progress their children have made as students under her care.

Amanda is a positive role model on staff. Whether it is mentoring beginning teachers, piloting new curriculum, expanding her professional knowledge or collaborating with others, she is always willing to help out! Her faith is visible as she accompanies staff and students on their faith journey by modeling and participating in faith activities.

Amanda was presented with the award by Assistant Superintendent Karol Cabaj-Martin, at the annual SPICE retreat in Kananaskis at the end of April. SPICE (Sharing Purpose in Catholic Education) is an annual conference hosted by the Alberta Catholic School Trustees' Association. The purpose of the retreat is to bring together members of Alberta's Catholic school communities to collaborate and explore current issues in Catholic education.

Congratulations, Amanda, on receiving this award! Thank you for all that you do to serve your students!

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