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Board Appoints FNMI Trustee

St. Paul Education and the Board of Trustees is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Melvin Abraham as our new FNMI Trustee. Melvin is an appointed representative from Tribal Chiefs Venture Inc. and a member of the Frog Lake First Nation.

Melvin was raised on a small farm, where he learned the traditional values and ways of knowing through ceremony. He speaks Cree fluently and has an extensive knowledge in Cree herbal medicines. As a former student of Heinsburg School, Melvin had his life goals set in grade three. He went on to achieve all of those goals, including becoming a police officer. After 10 years of service, he retired and has become actively involved in his community as a Ceremonial Elder and the Chairperson of the Morning Sky Health and Wellness Society on the Frog Lake First Nation. Melvin also serves as an Aboriginal Advisory Committee Member for the Eastern Alberta District of the RCMP “K” Division as a Commanding Officer. He is also a Committee Member of Indian Oil and Gas Canada/Indian Resource Council of Canada Joint Technical Committee 1.

“Melvin’s life experience, cultural background and professional demeanor will be a great asset to our Board of Trustees. We are thrilled to have him paving the way as our first FNMI Trustee,” says Board Chair, Sylvie Smyl.

Melvin was welcomed and sworn in at the Board of Trustees’ meeting on November 9, 2022. Following his oath, Melvin shared his excitement about joining the Board and spoke to the importance of education as a path forward for First Nations. “Education is our new buffalo and an important part of achieving our dreams”.

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