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Chromebook Purchase Plan Now Available for Families

September 1, 2020

St. Paul Education is pleased to offer a Chromebook purchase plan for families of students registered with the Division. These devices can be used by students in our schools, or by students participating in our At-Home Learning program.

The Division was able to procure two models of chromebook and will be making them available for purchase by St. Paul Education families. Note that Chromebooks require an internet connection for student work in Google Classroom but can play a recorded lesson from a USB stick. All Chromebooks have an 'end of life' date - these are dated for June 2026.

There are currently 150 Lenovo Chromebooks in stock. These will be available by September 10. An additional 200 Acer Chromebooks have been ordered. These will be available by September 22.

The cost for either the Lenovo or Acer model is $270 per device. This is a special bulk purchasing price. Both models come with a one-year manufacturer warranty. Each model has its own extended warranty package available for purchase:

Parents are welcome to pay for the entire amount upon purchase, or can select the payment plan option. The terms of the payment plan are $175 initial payment with the remaining balance due by December 31, 2020 either as a lump sum or by installments. Payments can be accepted starting September 3 either through School Cash Online or at your school .

Once parents have completed the purchase process in School Cash Online or made the first $175 payment at their school, the Chromebooks will be delivered to the school the parent has selected. Schools will contact parents to make pick-up arrangements. Parents of students who are enrolled in the At-Home Learning program will be contacted to pick up the device from the selected school.

Please know that the purchase of a Chromebook is not an expectation, but a service we are providing for our students and families. As in the past, schools will continue to have Chromebooks in the school for students to use as part of their learning experience.

If you prefer to purchase a Chromebook independently, we encourage you to see the Device Purchasing Considerations prepared by the St. Paul Education Technology Services department.

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