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Concerns with Grade 7-12 At-Home Learning

December 2, 2020

Please see below a section taken from our November 26 post (Update #2 Gr. 7-12 At-Home Learning and K-6 Learning) addressing possible student concerns, including workload, screen time, connectivity, etc. Today, I had a meeting with our school administrators to discuss these very issues. When we moved to at-home learning, our goal was to provide every subject in live time and then allow our students and parents the flexibility to determine limits.

While we want our students to still be engaged in their learning over the coming weeks, if your child(ren) is experiencing any difficulties please reach out to your school administration. We will work with you and provide the necessary flexibility to avoid unnecessary stress (both academically and emotionally) to you and your child(ren).


Glen Brodziak

Superintendent of Schools

What if my child is struggling to meet all the Grade 7-12 at-home learning expectations as outlined by the school division? For example, internet connection or access issues, too much of a time commitment, my child is becoming overwhelmed in this at-home learning environment, etc.

Please understand we recognize that having your children on-line all day can be very demanding. That said, we remain dedicated to offering a comprehensive education for your child. This is why we are offering the full schedule, live streamed or recorded, for the next three weeks and the first week after the Christmas break.

Out of respect for each individual family’s circumstances, our commitment as a division is to work with you and provide modifications (technical support, lighten the load, etc.) as required. If you have concerns with your child’s workload and/or ability to complete the work required, please contact your school administration to discuss options.

For example,

  • If your child is struggling with the overall course load, call the school to have your child excused from a non-core subject for all or part of the upcoming weeks. This will be recorded as an excused absence and you will not receive a daily call from the school about your child’s attendance.

  • If your child is struggling with demands in a core subject, it may be possible to discuss options for lightening the workload.

  • If your child is struggling due to internet connection or access issues, paper and pencil delivery or a USB stick with pre-recorded lessons may be alternate options.

Please be aware that it is not possible to completely opt out of learning over the upcoming weeks without serious impacts to your child’s grades and overall education. Teachers in many courses will continue to assign work that will be graded.

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