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Honouring Spirit: Indigenous Student Awards 2022

Each year the Alberta School Boards Association selects students for the Honouring Spirit: Indigenous Student Awards. These awards recognize First Nations, Métis and Inuit students who model strength and commitment in the pursuit of their personal education path and embrace their own gifts, strengths and potential while celebrating the ways of their people.

St. Paul Education is proud to announce that George Houle from Ashmont School has been selected as the Central Region award recipient in the Grades 10-12 category. George was presented with his award at a ceremony on June 25, 2022 in Edmonton. See the following ASBA news release for more information.

George was nominated for the award by his English teacher, Claire Holliday-Cardinal. His teacher identified George as a hard-working student who is know as a positive role model within the school. As the President of Student Council, George delivered daily motivational messages to the entire school community and organized many events to help encourage and maintain positive mental health within the school. He also showed a particular interest in creating mentorship opportunities by ensuring that elementary students were included in activities and events.

George is an eager and ambitious student who places much value on education. He takes his studies seriously and is intrinsically motivated. His hard work and dedication resulted in him being chosen as the valedictorian of his graduating class.

In addition to academic achievements, George demonstrates many admirable character traits. Teacher Claire Holliday-Cardinal describes him as “ kind, determined, respectful, and humble”. His many volunteer activities include shoveling driveways for elders and serving as a Oskapewyo in cultural ceremonies. These acts are not done for recognition, but rather to honor the teachings and wisdom of his mosom Towie and other Elders. “He is incredibly proud of his identity and is a shining example of a burgeoning Indigenous leader”, shared Holliday-Cardinal.

George not only honors and upholds his cultural traditions, but he also open to explaining the significance of them. “His kind nature ensures that his peers feel comfortable coming to him in order to discuss ceremonies and traditions”, said teacher Jennah Plandowksi.

George, along with our 33 honorable mentions, will be honoured by St. Paul Education in the fall of the 2022-23 school year.

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