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How Sick is Too Sick for School?

At St. Paul Education, student attendance is a priority division-wide. However, especially during this time of year, there are times when a student should stay home because they are too sick for school.

There are many respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses that are easily transmitted in the school environment. Staying home when sick can significantly reduce outbreaks and decrease disruptions to learning that occur when large numbers of students and staff at a school become ill.

Our Too Sick for School Infographic identifies some things that parents and guardians can consider when deciding whether to send children to school when they are not feeling well. We also encourage parents to reach out to 811 Health Link or visit the Alberta Health Services HEAL website for additional support as needed.

If your child becomes sick at school, a staff member will call you to pick up your child so that they may rest comfortably at home and reduce the risk of infecting others.

As a division, we are also committed to:

  • Cleaning our schools on a daily basis.

  • Working closely with Alberta Health Services when large numbers of students are absent due to illness.

We thank all our families for their cooperation and wish everyone a healthy and happy school year.

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