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Masks in Schools

February 7, 2022

Over the past few days we have seen an increase in students refusing to wear their masks while in school. These incidents are causing unnecessary anxiety and stress in our schools and in no way support an environment for learning. It is very unfortunate that our students and staff have been put in the middle of a political debate in which school divisions do not have the authority to make changes. We strongly encourage all community members who have concerns with the current mandates to contact their local members of government, and not our teachers and students.

Premier Kenney has said that he will be making a public statement this week regarding the loosening of health measures in our schools and community. Until such time, we are bound by the CMOH (Chief Medical Officer of Health) Order 55-2021, signed December 16, 2021. Part 13 applies to schools, of which we are legally bound to adhere to.

Further, responding to incidents of protests at several schools in recent days, Alberta Teachers’ Association President Shilling has called upon the Premier and Minister of Education to urgently and unequivalently assert that the province’s schools should be strictly out of bounds for protests. In response, please see a statement by Minister of Education LaGrange, which speaks to possible consequences for protesting and/or refusing to wear a mask.

Thank You

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