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Roadside School Bus Inspections

September 29, 2021

St. Paul Education has been notified by local law enforcement that as part of their program of random school bus inspections, they will also conduct a Mandatory Alcohol Screening. Please know that this is not because the driver is suspected of being under the influence. It is part of a new law enforcement protocol resulting from Bill C-46 amendments.

During a school bus inspection, the driver will be required to submit to an alcohol screening test (breathalyzer), even if there is no suspicion of impairment. Refusal by the driver to take the test would result in a criminal charge.

We are sharing this information so that our staff, students, parents and members of the public understand that while these screening tests will be taking place, it does not imply any suspicion of impaired driving by our drivers, and should not be interpreted as such.

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