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Tell Us How We're Doing!

Each year, the government sends surveys to parents or guardians. The surveys gather feedback on the quality of education provided by school authorities and their schools.

The 2020/21 school year is the first full year of implementation of the Alberta Education Assurance (AEA) survey, which replaces the former Accountability Pillar (AP) survey. To support transition to the Assurance Framework, this year’s survey will include both questions from the previous Accountability Pillar survey and the new Alberta Education Assurance survey.

Parents and guardians who have in-school learning or at-home learning students in grades 4, 7, and 10 will be asked to fill out the survey (unless the school has fewer than 120 students in grades 4-12 in which case the survey will be expanded to include all parents and guardians).

Mailing of parent surveys will begin on March 25, 2021. Parents are invited to complete the survey online using the Random Access Code included in the survey package. Parents still have the option of completing the AEA survey on paper. Requests for the paper survey can be directed to System Assurance, please contact your school for assistance.

The Alberta Education Assurance Survey is an important way for parents to offer their voice to the education planning process. We value this input and thank all parents for their participation.

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