SPERD Students Recognized for Their Leadership

On Thursday June 20th, St. Paul Education celebrated the 10 students who were recognized with honourable mentions for last month’s Honouring Spirit: Indigenous Student Awards. The Honouring Spirit: Indigenous Student Awards are presented annually to students selected by the Awards Committee, which includes Elders, ASBA Indigenous Advisory Circle members, ASBA staff, and representatives from our partners CASS, ASCA, and the ATA.

St. Paul School Division had nine honourable mentions this year, including:

- Nicholas Anderson, F.G. Miller School (grade 12)

- Thaliya Dion-Quinney, Heinsburg Community School (grade 9)

- Jo-Layne Favel, Ashmont School (grade 12)

- Kody Houle, St. Paul Regional High School (grade 12)

- Marlee McGilvery, Ashmont School (grade 9)

- Keyshawn McGilvery, St. Paul Regional High School (grade 12)

- Gabrielle Potts-Abraham, F.G. Miller School (grade 12)

- Kassandra Smith, F.G. Miller School (grade 12)

- Olivia Youngchief, Elk Point Elementary (grade 6)

In addition, there was one award winner from Heinsburg Community School - grade three student Taytum Quinney. Taytum was one of twelve students throughout the province of Alberta to be honoured with this award.

These awards offer the opportunity to celebrate exceptional students for their exemplary leadership, courage, and commitment to their cultures and educational paths. They inspire their peers, teachers, education leaders, and community members while respecting the agency of other students to do the same in their own ways.