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Wi-Fi Help for Parents

With Grade 7-12 students learning from home right now, some families may be experiencing Wi-Fi challenges. We have reached out to all the providers in the area that we know of and we are pleased to share the following information with you.

MCSnet Customers

MCSnet is working on a package for their customers in the area offering enhanced Wi-Fi at a reduced cost for one month. Details will be released very soon.

Many thanks to MCSnet for this generous community-minded gesture!

Telus Customers (details taken from the Telus website):

Telus is offering the Internet for Good program. This program provides eligible families with low-cost internet connectivity in BC and AB (where service is available). The program includes internet plans for $9.95/month (plus applicable taxes) for 24 months (regular pricing thereafter) with speeds of up to 25 Mbps (where available) and up to 300 GB data/month. There are no contract or cancellation fees.

  • Families in need can reach out to the school principal.

  • Your principal will email TELUS at, from their school district email address, requesting an Internet for Good redemption code.

  • Once you have received a code from your school principal, call TELUS at 1-866-835-8744 to redeem the offer.

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