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Welcome to our student registration page! 


Thank you for choosing St. Paul Education. We look forward to learning and growing together!


St. Paul Education is pleased to announce new online registration for the 2022-2023 school year using the Powerschool Parent Portal. Note: The registration process is not available via Powerschool phone app. We recommend using a computer (desktop or laptop) to complete forms in School Engage. Forms can also be completed on a tablet. We do not recommend using a smartphone to complete forms.

To start the registration process, please choose one of the options below:

If you are registering a new student, the school administration may be contacting you to:

  • set up an appointment

  • review your application


You will receive an email and/or a phone call once your application has been approved.

Note: Parents and guardians who wish to have their child attend a new school different than the one they attended last year, will need to attend in-person registration days at the new school.

If you prefer a printable registration form to:

  • register a new student, it can be accessed here and submitted to your child’s school office for processing. Copies of these forms can also be picked up at each of the schools.

  • re-enroll a current student, please contact your child’s school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which schools are included in St. Paul Education?

To access a list of our schools click here.

Where can I learn more about Preschool and Kindergarten programs?

To access information about our Preschool program click hereTo access information about our Kindergarten program click here.

Where can I learn more about online, distance or homeschool education?

Myrnam Outreach and Homeschool Centre offers a variety of online, distance and homeschool programming. Visit the Myrnam Outreach and Homeschool Centre website for more information.

Does St. Paul Education provide outreach programming?

St. Paul Education offers outreach programs in the communities of St. Paul, Elk Point and Myrnam. Visit the St. Paul Alternate Education Centre website to learn more about outreach programming in the communities of St. Paul and Elk Point. Visit the Myrnam Outreach and Homeschool Centre website to learn more about outreach programming in the community of Myrnam.

What information do I need to register?

Students will require a both a physical and mailing address. Your physical address is where you are geographically located. For students living in villages or towns, a street address is required. For students living outside villages or towns, legal land descriptions and green sign addresses are needed. A mailing address is where you receive your mail and includes a postal code and box number or street address. 

You should also have ready information for a minimum 1 emergency contact, including phone number and email address.

What documentation do I need to register?

Students must supply a copy of their Birth Certificate.  If you do not have a birth certificate for your child and your child was born in Alberta, please contact your local registries office.

Alternate documentation could include: 

  • Alberta Health Care

  • Canadian Certificate of Indian Status

  • Canadian Citizenship document 

  • Student Visa

  • Student immigration papers or study permit  

  • Landed Immigrant documentation

  • Refugee Status

  • Delegation of Authority (can be uploaded at when completing the online registration form)

A copy of your child's last report card is helpful for grade placement and/or course selection.

Please note that only one document can be uploaded when completing the online registration form. Additional documents will need to be provided directly to the school.

What if I do not have access to a scanner?

  • Take a photo with your smartphone, tablet or computer, and then upload it directly to the form.

  • Email the photos to the appropriate school personnel.

  • Contact the school and arrange how to bring your supporting documents into the school to ensure your registration is complete. 

What if I need to make changes on my form after submitting or require any other assistance?

Phone the school and the school administrative assistant will be able to assist you.

How do I arrange busing for my child?

New for the 2022-23 school year, all students who ride a St. Paul Division bus must now apply for busing yearly. This includes students who ride a rural bus. Visit our transportation webpage for more information. 


To arrange busing for students residing on the Nations of Frog Lake, Saddle Lake, and Whitefish Lake, please contact the Nation directly. 

Frog Lake Cree Nation - (780)943-3737 

Saddle Lake Cree Nation Band Office - (780)726-3829

Whitefish Lake First Nation #128 Band Office - (780)636-7000

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