A post-secondary education is a BIG investment.  We encourage students to apply for as many scholarships as possible to help reduce the costs of post-secondary. There are countless scholarships available to students and unfortunately, many go unclaimed because students don't apply.  A great way to find scholarships is to sign up to and receive free information about scholarships that students qualify for. To keep organized and never miss a deadline, use our Scholarship Tracking Sheet.  Need help applying for scholarships? Check out 7 Tips to Help You Find & Win Scholarships or talk to your school's Career Counsellor.


Check out our Career Calendar to stay on track of scholarship deadlines!  To receive scholarship deadline reminders, you can also sign up for Remind messages by contacting your school’s Career Counsellor.​

Local Scholarship Program

We would like to thank all the sponsors that support our local scholarship

program.  Currently, in our booklet, we have over $75,000 worth of

scholarships to help students in our school division achieve their dreams!

All grade 12 students are encouraged to apply for our local scholarships.  

Click the image to the right to view our 2022 Local Scholarship Booklet.

Our Career Counsellors can help students find scholarships they qualify for and can assist them with applying. Please connect with your Career Counsellor and get started working on your scholarship essay.

Other Community Scholarships

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Alberta Scholarship Program 

These provincial scholarships and awards are offered by the Government of Alberta but administered by Student Aid Alberta. Visit

Popular Scholarships

Scholarships at your Post-Secondary School

For more scholarship information, also visit your post-secondary school’s Scholarship/Awards page.

Student loan information can be found at