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Division-Wide Wellness Programming and Resources

February 28, 2022

During the month of February our Family School Liaison Worker and Together We're Better MHCB programs have been busy teaching our students the importance of thinking before they speak or post online. We also welcome our families to use these visuals at home. 

THINK Elementary.jpg
THINK Secondary.jpg

January 26, 2022 

Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day. This annual event focuses on encouraging conversations about mental health and the importance of reaching out for support. 


Starting today and into next week, all K-12 students in our schools will have an opportunity to join the conversation as they participate in a Division-wide activity focused on mental health and wellness. The activity for grade 4-12 students includes viewing “Journey of H.O.P.E”, a 1 hour video presentation. We would like to extend an invitation to our parents and community members to also view the presentation and engage in follow-up conversations as a family and with others.


Topics discussed in the video include:

  • Mental Health: What is It?

  • The Importance of Reaching Out for Help

  • Understanding Stress in Your Body

  • Self-Regulation: Breathing Strategies

  • Social Media and Mental Health 

  • Resiliency: People, Passion, Purpose


We can all join in and help create positive change in our schools and communities. 

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