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Lorette Andersen

Division C

Lorette takes great pride in serving as a Trustee for St. Paul Education, driven by her unwavering passion for fostering quality education across all age groups. Born and raised in St. Paul, her roots run deep in the community. Lorette's professional journey includes experiences in diverse roles, from working in a Daycare Center and the Teen Parent Program to serving as an Administrator/Bookkeeper for a Dayhome Society.

Lorette has been married for 40 years and is a proud parent to two children. Her family has grown to include three cherished grandchildren, two of whom are enrolled at Ecole St. Paul Elementary School and Ecole Racette School. Actively involved in their lives, she passionately supports and cheers for them in activities such as ringette, hockey, soccer, and baseball.

Beyond her commitment to education and family, Lorette finds joy in personal pursuits, including being immersed in a good book, embracing the outdoors through camping, and cultivating a love for landscaping.