Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees.jpg

From left to right: Dwight Wiebe, Lorne Young, Heather Starosielski, Christopher Cook, Ruven Rajoo and Justin Anderson

Division - Trustee

A - Lorne Young

B - Vacant

C - Ruven Rajoo

D - Christopher Cook

E - Dwight Wiebe

F - Heather Starosielski (Chair)

Glen Avon - Justin Anderson (Vice-Chair)








2020 Board Officers, Committee Structure & Appointments

Seven trustees are elected to the board every four years during municipal elections. The board's primary responsibility is to act as a representative of the people and ensure that students receive the best possible education in all the Division's schools. The role of the Board involves setting policy, planning, budgeting, disseminating information and acting as an education advocate.

Electoral Ward Review

St. Paul Education recently undertook a review of its governance structure and electoral wards. Based on this review, the Board approved a new bylaw that saw the number of trustees reduced from seven to six as well as a redesign of its ward structure to be in effect for the October 18, 2021 election.