St. Paul Education transports over 1800 students throughout the Division. 40% of our buses are Division-owned and 60% are contract operators. Approximately 1.5 million km are logged annually


*If you submitted an in-town busing application online, bus passes are now available for pickup and payment at our St. Paul Education office.

2020-2021 In-Town Busing Fees​

  • Kindergarten - Grade 12:  $250.00 per student, $500.00 for 2 children or $600.00 per family (3 or more children)

  • A fee of $15/bus pass (to a maximum of $30/family) shall apply each time a bus pass change is required or a new bus pass must be printed for a lost pass.

  • If your child or children no longer require transportation, please get the bus pass into St. Paul Education Transportation Department as soon as possible. A prorated refund may be considered once the bus pass has been returned.


It is preferred that bus passes be purchased on-line through the St. Paul Education website. Go to Transportation> Town of St. Paul Bus Pass Application. Parents or caregivers may contact the Transportation Department at 780-645-3323 to arrange an alternate bus registration and/or payment process.


A minimum payment of $100 is required upon registration to reserve a single seat ($200 minimum for a family). The balance is due by November 30.  Fee waivers may be considered on a case by case basis. 

General Reminders

  • Bus pass applications will be available online through the St. Paul Education website starting August 17, 2020. Go to Transportation> Town of St. Paul Bus Pass Application

  • Having purchased a bus pass for the previous school year does not guarantee you a seat for the upcoming school year.

  • Please be advised that if you are required to change buses mid-year there is no guarantee that there will be room available on the bus you require.

  • Bus passes are mandatory for in-town bussing. Students will not be permitted to ride the in-town bus without a bus pass. 

  • In-town bussing is subject to availability and space is limited. 

  • Registration is on a first come first serve basis and will not be considered complete until a minimum of one payment has been received. Upon completion your bus pass will be available for pick up at Central Office  (4313 - 48 ave). 

  • If your child rides a Division bus, you can receive notifications regarding bus delays/cancellations and other important information from your child’s school by signing up for the Alertus App. An instructional document and video are available on the St. Paul Education website. Go to Transportation > Alertus Notification App

***Because of measures that have been put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, St. Paul Education cannot guarantee that routes will be able to accommodate all students who register for busing in the Town of St. Paul for the 2020-2021 school year. Parents or caregivers are encouraged to have alternate transportation plans in place for their child/children.**


2020-2021 Yard Service

  • Year Round Yard Service minimum of $275.00 or max of $500.00

  • Year Round Yard Service (a.m or p.m only) minimum of $175.00 or max of $275.00 

  • Winter Yard Service (November 1 to March 31) minimum of $175.00 or max of $275.00

  • Year Round Yard Service (Kindergarten only-halftime) minimum $175.00 or max of $275.00

  • Kindergarten Child Winter Service (Part-Time Only) minimum of $100.00 or  max of $150.00

Transportation may be provided on private property under the following conditions:

Year Round Service: 

  • The residence is at least 0.25 km from the registered road allowance for students in Gr. K-3 or at least 0.5 km for students in Gr. 4-12


Winter Service:

  • The residence is at least 0.25 km from the registered road allowance for all grades.

With approval from the Director of Transportation, fees may be waived (N/C):

  • Due to safety reasons:

    • school bus turnaround

    • the bus stop is on a numbered highway for students in Gr. K-4

    • the bus stop does not have sufficient distance for visibility by other motorists (i.e. hill, curve, etc.), or

    • other requests as approved by the Board


The Board retains the right to review and change the conditions on an ongoing basis.


If you have any questions regarding transportation please call the Transportation Department at 780-645-3323.

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