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Parent Responsibilities

It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their children are aware and adhere to the Student Transportation Guidelines and Regulations.

  1. Accept responsibility for the proper conduct of their children
    1. Instruct children to obey all traffic rules, regulations and administrative procedures
    2. Be responsible for any damage to a bus caused by their children
  2. Ensure that their children are at the bus stop on time
  3. Ensure that their children are properly dressed for the weather conditions
  4. Sign up for the Bus Status notification app and/or watch Division social and radio media for inclement weather updates
  5. Inform the driver of any pertinent health information regarding their child (i.e. life threatening allergies, medical conditions, etc.)
  6. Contact the driver
    1. with any bus issues or concerns
    2. when their children are to be absent from school or when they do not require busing for the morning/afternoon runs

NOTE: These guidelines are based on the Alberta Traffic Safety Act, the Alberta Education Act, and Division policies and guidelines.