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Cross-Area Transportation

St. Paul Education recognizes its responsibility to provide transportation for students in accordance with the intent of the policies of Alberta Education and in keeping with student needs at the local level.

While the Board accepts parents’ right to choose the school their children shall attend, in a rural setting this right is not automatically extended to include transportation.  In order to respect Alberta Education guidelines and maintain an efficient and effective transportation system, the Division must establish transportation areas.  Students living within a particular transportation area will be provided with transportation to a school within their specified area.

  • Parents who are planning to register students at a school outside their transportation area may be fully responsible for transportation to that school, but may apply for school bus transportation to their residence where reasonable, or drive their children to an existing pick-up/drop-off point on a route to that school providing room is available on the bus and in the school.
  • Parents and individuals purchasing new property are responsible for contacting the St. Paul Education Regional Division Office to confirm their transportation area.
  • Requests for transportation outside of an individual’s transportation area must be received annually in writing as per the specified form by the Director of Transportation no later than May 15 to be considered for the following school year.
  • See Administrative Procedure 551 Student Transportation Areas - Appendix B (Cross Area Residential Pick-Up Guidelines)