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Student Responsibilities

The student’s primary responsibility is to conduct himself/herself in a manner which will not cause the driver to divert his/her attention from driving the bus.

  1. Follow all Division applicable Administrative Procedures such as:
    1. AP 140 Acceptable Technology Use
    2. AP 160 Welcoming, Caring, Respectful, Safe and Inclusive Learning Environments
    3. AP 350 Student Code of Conduct
    4. AP 354 Dangerous Weapons in School
    5. AP 356 Student Suspension and Expulsion
    6. AP 550 Student Transportation Services
  2. Be on time (3 to 5 minutes prior to bus arrival)
  3. Avoid distracting the driver with loud noises
  4. Keep the bus clean and in good condition
  5. Be respectful and courteous
  6. Follow the rules (e.g. bus driver rules for food/drink)
  7. Be safe (e.g. listen to the driver, stay seated, keep body parts in the bus, etc.)