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Inclement Weather

The Board is concerned about the safe transport of students to and from school. In the event of inclement weather or hazardous road conditions, school bus transportation may be cancelled prior to school opening; early school bus dismissal from schools may occur during school hours; and/or, during severe weather advisory conditions, a school or schools may be closed prior to and/or after schools are opened.

The criteria for transportation closure or enhancement for this division are that buses on a particular route(s) in any community or in some cases across the whole jurisdiction will not run in mornings when:

  • The temperature is -40°C or colder;
  • In cases of temperatures warmer than -40°C if the wind chill factor is -40ºC or greater as per The Weather Network. Refer to "feels like" when determining the effect of wind chill on the temperature.
  • Road conditions are such, on particular routes, that the probability is significant that a particular bus(es) cannot in reasonable safety complete the route.

The decision for cancellation of transportation services will rest with the Director of
Transportation and Facilities in consultation with local bus drivers, school principals and Superintendent of Schools. 
During inclement weather, the final decision to send a child to the bus stop or to school rests with parents, even though buses may be operational. 

We strive to inform parents of any delays or cancellations as quickly as possible. Here is how you may be notified:

  • Bus driver contact
  • Call/text from your school
  • Local radio stations
  • Bus Status app 
  • Division social media (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Bus Status page on the Division website

Parents should ensure that students are dressed appropriately while traveling to and from school during inclement weather conditions whether they are riding the bus or walking. The temperatures on a school bus may drop dramatically in the event of mechanical problems.

Diploma Exams and Inclement Weather

If a student is unable to make it to school to write a Diploma Exam due to bus cancellations, parents are asked to drive them to school if it is safe to do so. In the case that a student is unable to attend to write a Diploma Exam on the day it is scheduled due to inclement weather, they may have the exam deferred to the next writing period. Please contact your school principal if you have any questions.