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Sylvie Smyl

Division C & D - Chair

Sylvie Smyl was first elected in October 2021 to represent Ward C. Prior to this, she was an active parent volunteer at many schools and within the St Paul community - St. Paul Soccer Association, founding President of the St Paul Gymnastic Club, grant writer for the Northeast Music Association, President of the Champions for Change - Downtown Revitalization, and has hosted events such as Canada Day and various musical events within St. Paul. 

In August of 2022, upon the resignation of the Board Chair, Sylvie was appointed as Board Chair and serves as one of the appointed Trustees for Ward D. In August of 2023 Sylvie was re-appointed as Board chair and continues to serve in that capacity and as appointed Trustee for Ward D and elected Trustee for Ward C.

Sylvie was born and raised on a farm near St Paul and graduated from the St. Paul Regional High School. She met her husband Richard at Lakeland College in Vermilion and decided to move back to St. Paul, surrounded by many friends and family to raise their family of four daughters. 

In her spare time, Sylvie loves being surrounded by books, family and friends, spending time outdoors, experiencing new adventures and is an avid musician. 

She looks forward to the collaborative process and celebrating the uniqueness that the St. Paul School Division offers.