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Administrative Procedures

AP 400 Staff Employment

AP 401 Staff Employment Catholic Schools

AP 402 Nepotism

AP 403 Personnel Records

AP 404 Duty to Report

AP 407 Moonlighting

AP 408 Staff Participation in Political Activities

AP 409 Inclement Weather Staff

AP 412 Reduction Retention of Professional and Support Staff

AP 415 Staff Recognition

AP 416 Employee Resignations

AP 420 Role of the Teacher

AP 421 Teacher Growth, Supervision and Evaluation

AP 422 Staff Professional Development Opportunities

AP 423 Teachers Convention

AP 430 Administrative Staff Recruiting School Based

AP 431 Designation of Principals and Vice Assistant Principals

AP 432 Role of the Principal

AP 435 Deferred Salary

AP 439 Employee Code of Conduct

AP 440 Support Staff

AP 441 Initial Grid Placement of Support Staff

AP 442 Support Staff Recognition of Experience Increments

AP 443 Support Staff Health Plan Benefits

AP 444 Support Staff Maternity Leave Benefits

AP 445 Support Staff Pension Benefits

AP 445A Transition to Retirement

AP 446 Support Staff Vacations

AP 447 Support Staff Leaves and Absences

AP 448 Other Support Staff Leaves

AP 449 Discipline Suspension and Dismissal of Support Staff

AP 450 Organizational Structure

AP 451 Position Descriptions

AP 452 Role of Associate Superintendent

AP 453 Duties of the Secretary Treasurer

AP 455 Senior Central Office Administration Lieu Day

AP 456 Supplementary Executive Retirement Program

AP 460 Arrangements for Professional Staff Substitutes

AP 475 Maintenance On Call and Call Backs

AP 480 Working Alone

AP 482 Worker Injury Reporting

AP 483 Personal Protective Equipment

AP 490 Resource Persons

AP 491 Volunteers Guests and Visitors in Schools

AP 493 Practicum Placements