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Winter Weather Reminders

Winter background with a sign saying cold weather ahead

Welcome back!  Winter weather has finally arrived, bringing a chill we haven’t felt in a while!  Here are a few reminders to help keep our students safe and warm when getting to school during cold temperatures.

❄️When the temperature and/or wind chill is -40°C or colder, both rural and in-town buses will be cancelled. Check out our infographic to learn more about how decisions are made regarding busing.

❄️ If your child rides a Division bus, you can receive notifications regarding delays/cancellations by signing up for the Bus Status App. Instructions for downloading the app are available on our website.

❄️In an effort to support student learning and better accommodate families, St. Paul Education may run afternoon buses during extreme cold weather under certain circumstances.

❄️Ensure your child is dressed warmly for travel and school, with appropriate footwear and outerwear, including headgear, and mittens or gloves. 

❄️ Children should not be left unattended at bus stops or spend any extended period of time outdoors. Parents should form an emergency plan with their children so they have clear instructions on what to do if the bus does not arrive.

Additional information is available on our Inclement Weather page.

Stay safe and warm, everyone!