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Student Insurance

Student Blanket Insurance Plan

St. Paul Education has entered into a contract with Industrial-Alliance Pacific Life Insurance Company to provide student accident insurance to our students while on school premises or a school approved activity such as field trips and sporting trips. Coverage under the Student Blanket Insurance Plan is provided as part of the student registration. 

Subject to specific policy provisions insured persons are covered for injury while:

a) in or on school buildings or premises by reason of attending classes on any regular school day;

b) in attendance at or participating in any school activity approved and supervised by proper school authority;

c) travelling directly to or from any regularly scheduled and approved school authority; 

d) travelling directly to or from the Insured Person's residence and school for the purpose of attending classes or participating in any school sponsored activity.

Coverage includes the reimbursement of medical and dental costs resulting from accident or medical emergency while on school premises. Details of the programs and claim forms are available here:

        The following information will be required to complete this form. 

        Policy Number: 100012548

        School Board Name: St. Paul School Division

For more information, contact iA Financial Group at 1-800-266-5667.

Voluntary Student Accident Plan

In addition to the Student Blanket Insurance Plan, parents also have the option of purchasing additional coverage through the Voluntary Student Accident Plan that is being offered to students on a voluntary basis. More information can be found at or by viewing this document.