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Traditional Home Education Options

At St. Paul Education, we offer two very different types of homeschool programs. Below you can find more specific information about each to see which program is right for you:

A. Parent-Directed Homeschool Program

The Parent-Directed Homeschool program is defined as having the ability to educate your child within the home by either a parent-directed style of teaching or with the use of a tutor.  Students learn at their own pace as they follow an educational program plan designed by their parents and approved by Myrnam Outreach and Homeschool staff. Learning is focused around student interests as well as dynamic family values, beliefs, lifestyles and faith.

Benefits of a Parent-Directed Home Education Program:

  • Family values and culture are preserved and encouraged through family in-home teachings.
  • Gives families the freedom to design a program that best meets the needs of their child.
  • Parents choose the educational plan and monitor and evaluate their child’s progress.
  • In designing program plans, parents can access and select from our school’s vast library of online and print resources as well as have the freedom to use preferred curricula.
  • Learning opportunities and schedules can vary from day to day.
  • Limitless learning spaces as learning can happen any place and at any time.
  • Students learn time management skills while learning at their own pace.
  • Field trips and teaching opportunities are decided upon by the approved Educational Program Plan.
  • Access to program reimbursements as listed in the approved Educational Program Plan.

B. Shared-Responsibility Homeschool Program

A shared-responsibility program is defined as the ability to follow the traditional, parent-led homeschool path while integrating with the Alberta Program of Studies set forth by Alberta Education.

Benefits of Our Shared-Responsibility Program:

  • Access to a wide variety of options courses.
  • Students can participate in extracurricular clubs and activities, including New Myrnam School sports teams. 
  • The ability to access resources from St. Paul Education (classroom libraries, the School & Public Library, textbook and workbook materials, computers and printers, and much more).
  • Assessment tools are available to help evaluate student progress.
  • Flexibility to complete the entire or selected portions of the educational program at home, directed by parents. In addition, programs can be delivered by the school with guidance from certified teachers. 
  • Can follow the Alberta Program of Studies.
  • High school students can earn Alberta high school credits necessary for graduation and post-secondary programs.
  • Access to a career counsellor to help with post-secondary and/or career planning.
  • Religious Studies programs through the Christian and Catholic lenses are available for K-12.

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